Fred Gabourie is one of the co-founders of the Life House Atlanta project.  Fred spent his early years in California and had a strong family connection to Hollywood.  Later in life he established his own consulting business in California. Following a thirty-year career in insurance marketing and management in Los Angeles, Fred sold his business in 1987 and moved to the Atlanta area. He retired fully after several years serving part time as an expert witness in insurance agency contract disputes.

Fred has served as a hospice volunteer with Wellstar Community Hospice for 13 years, and with Transitions Hospice for six years.  During his tenure with hospice, Fred met fellow hospice volunteer, Kathleen, and a strong friendship ensued.  In 2017, Kathleen shared her dream of a pediatric respite and palliative care home with Fred.  He subsequently introduced her to Tony Rogowski. Fred has also volunteered in assisted living facilities screening movies and providing historical information on each film until the Covid-19 pandemic put his volunteer work on hold.  Fred is a strong supporter of Life House Atlanta and is currently a key player in community relations.