Chad Blake supports families through the Experiences Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to provide an opportunity for families and their children to have a fun experience which helps them to step outside of their challenges for some moments of joy. Chad heard about Mary Reed’s daughter Catherine, and reached out to help.

He and Mary’s older daughter, Cecilia, planned some special Christmas surprises for the family. Among these were a special date night out for Mary and her husband Rob, and a specialized Kevan backpack that can be used to carry Catherine, so she can enjoy more outings with the family.

Because Catherine’s care requires 24/7 attention, opportunities for Mary and Rob to focus on each other are hard to find. A date night is a true treat for these parents! “We were all like kids on Christmas morning when Chad Blake came over with his little elf to surprise us!”, said Mary. “My family has been all smiles all day and planning future trips with the Kevan!”

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