"All of us have now experienced the challenges of 'quarantine' and the relief that comes with the lifting of those disruptions and restrictions. Yet many children live in constant quarantine due to medical, life-limiting conditions. Life House Atlanta will give them the chance to get away, have fun and enjoy the company of other children facing similar challenges."
Kathleen Fleiszar
Medical Geneticist, KSU Professor Emerita

There is growing recognition across the nation that the needs of families with medically fragile children are underserved. While financial support and resources exist for adults with life-limiting illnesses through hospice and palliative care, there are far fewer such options for children. Most families caring for these fragile children are doing so in their homes, often with limited support from outside services. Currently, there is no freestanding facility in Georgia which offers these families a true break from the challenges of caring for their child.

Our dream is to fill this gap in resources by creating a special house which will offer support to this community. We hope you’ll join us!